How I Chose My Web Hosting 


For the past quite a few years I have daydreamed about putting up a blog. The blog will be about my passion for travel and food. This is because I feel that I will be able to share to my readers some money-saving tips on my travel. Aside from that I also wanted to share my realizations and insights gained during my travels. That is the reason why I wanted to try a blog http://buyerlinkage.com/ipage/

I have been putting it off for the longest time but now I have decided that I will just take action and do it. And so I researched about how to make a blog. I found out that I have two choices when it comes to making a blog. The first one is to put in a blogging platform that is free. The advantage to that is that it has its own web hosting already. The second one is to create my very own website which would mean also to buy my own web hosting. 

Since I have grand plans for my blog and plans to make it big as the years go by, I chose the latter option. Therefore I have to decide on the web hosting that I will get for it. How did I go about making the choice for the web hosting? 

Well the first thing I did was to look up information on the best web hosting providers online. I read up on customers' reviews on them to see what the customers liked about their web hosting. I narrowed my research on five recommended web hosting companies http://buyerlinkage.com/ipage/ and continued reading about them.

Of course I looked at each of their websites where their packages for web hosting can be found. I read the packages that they offer and the features that the packages contain. I looked at what each feature would mean. Then after that I reflected on what I would need for my website. I decided on getting a medium-priced range package from one of the best web hosting provider. This is because I think this is the one with the most value for its price. Plus it comes with all day and even night customer support which I find to be very important so that I would not be anxious in case something suddenly happens to my website. Also they have a very easy payment system.