Different Types of Web Hosting


Many people would love to have their own website, maybe as a hobby, or for their business, or whatever kind of reason they may have, but there are seriously a lot of individuals who would like to have their own website up and running in the internet. While it may seem easy to just simply get a website up and running and people accessing it may sound relatively simple to some individuals, it is definitely not the case at all, since you really need to not only make a website out of a style sheet, but you will also have to buy a domain name and setup a name server as well, in order for other people to be able to access your website on the world wide web and find out what you should know about ipage

So if you already have a style sheet of your website, as well as having your own domain name and name server, then you basically need to put it on a web hosting server, in order for it to basically get your website started operational, where other people will be able to see it and not just you. Although, it is first relatively best for you to start knowing more about web hosting and some of its types before you find one in the World Wide Web, since getting a web host for your website is really important. 

First of all, you can easily turn your own computer into a web host as well, but remember, that you basically need to open up your firewall, which basically mean your computer is seriously vulnerable and open to attacks, which if you place your website on your home server, it can seriously backfire and it can basically cost more than just paying for a better web server in the web. There are also a lot of free web hosting as well, but they will basically take over your domain name, which they will sometimes get the authenticity and the legality of the website that you are running.

First type of web hosting is the dedicated web server, where you will be paying for a single physical server entirely dedicated to your own website to keep it up to date, protected, and running 24/7. This is really expensive by the way. The next web hosting type is the cloud hosting, which is one of the most used web hosting server all over the world, since it basically lets you place your website to server with multiple individual servers as well to make it look like a really big server. One of the most successful and trusted cloud hosting server is the iPage hosting so read ipage.com reviews.